About Company


Work2gether is a specialist IT services recruitment agency which provides talent acquisition and manage talent services. 

To ensure we attract top quality talent, we have a regular open dialogue with candidates and clients. We treat people with respect and understand your individual needs. 

It’s these authentic values, and human-centric expertise, which make us the perfect talent partner. 

We take honor in hiring, developing, and promoting the best talent consultants in the world. We strive for quality, rather than quantity. We are not just recruiters; we are people experts with a focused vision for our clients to have immediate access to the most ideal and well-referenced candidates while having the best possible levels of service. And thus, our clients receive the very best candidates for their staffing. 

We aspire to build long-term relationships and recognise the critical nature of communication throughout the recruitment process. Quality, honesty, respect, and transparency are foundation of our work culture. 

We love working with organisations to improve their performance through their people. 

We are small enough to provide the personal touch essential to success, yet also have a track record of years which means that we have the experience and workforce to handle large, difficult projects within your company. Our network of experts can support you to recruit on a local, national and international basis. 

We can help organisations with their workforce development, organisational change, and outplacement and career transition. 

We’re experts 

We have expertise in providing staffing solutions for our clients. We apply our knowledge intelligently to analyse the challenges our clients face. We offer candidate that is in their best interest with a relentless focus on quality. We deliver solutions in a pragmatic manner to clients and in a style that suits them.  

We develop partnerships 

We want to develop long term relationships with our clients so we become a true insider and not an external consultant. We form partnerships with our clients based on the belief that “our success is your success.” We pride ourselves on our long-standing partnerships and have earned a strong reputation built on excellence, innovation and transparency. 

We have integrity 

We believe that if you set out to do the right things then business success will follow. The business journey starts with integrity; do my words match my actions? If we cannot help, then we say so. We listen to what our clients want and deliver the workforce that we promise. 

Proud to be different 

We take our responsibility as a recruitment company very seriously, how we do business is as important as what we do. To us being sustainable means, building our business with carefully chosen partners who share our values and commitment to helping people and our environment. 

Customer Centric 

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Your needs drive the services we offer and the way in which we deliver them. We work in partnership with you, taking time to understand your needs and flex to your challenges. We are your trusted staff provider, which means you can count on us. 

Our Team

As a business focused on talent, our authentic values translate within our own team of exceptional people. We are known for our collaboration and pride ourselves in being approachable and considerate. We are team players and you are part of our team. Our mindset is inclusive and compassionate which drives open communication and a strong desire to support you.